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Many people work hard but have little to show for it in their personal, career and business results. To reduce wastefulness and improve productivity, a strategic approach in life is important. A clear understanding of the overall vision, mission, goals and objectives are critical to inform your decisions, strategies and actions to deploy for high productivity. It is not the activity that matters, it is the productivity that counts.

What Will You Learn?

  • This program helps you to deeply consider and clarify who you are, your purpose on earth and how to successfully execute that purpose to achieve meaningful, gratified and happy living.
  • SBT lessons unveil principles of success in a simple, clear and practical method that yields instant results.
  • SBT is a holistic personal-development program that emphasizes balanced success in all areas of life. The program is aimed at enabling happy living through essential personal, career and business success skills.
  • Upon taking up the program, it is expected that learners will gain helpful insights into successful living, self-efficacy and personal productivity in personal life and career roles.

Course Content

Winning Through Strategic Planning

  • Winning Through Strategic Planning
  • Components of an Effective Strategic Plan
  • Strategy Enablers

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12 months ago
Completing this course will make you realize that you might have the best idea but still fail. But a good strategy helps you to have a clear roadmap of where you are and what you must do to get to where you want to be.
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  • Professionals and Entrepreneurs that want to improve their career and business productivity through strategic planning.

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