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After all the toil in life, this important question will be inevitable – how did I impact the world around me? Fulfilment, regrets or shame will result depending on how the days of your strength were lived. After an intimate reflection of life, a sense of meaning and fulfilment is what most people yearn for. Looking at the big picture of life, gaining the right perspective and taking enabling actions are essential for meaningful productivity and true happiness in life. Each person is uniquely gifted and will only be truly happy fulfilling the purpose for which they were created.

What Will You Learn?

  • This program helps you to deeply consider and clarify who you are, your purpose on earth and how to successfully execute that purpose to achieve meaningful, gratified and happy living.
  • SBT lessons unveil principles of success in a simple, clear and practical method that yields instant results.
  • SBT is a holistic personal-development program that emphasizes balanced success in all areas of life. The program is aimed at enabling happy living through essential personal, career and business success skills.
  • Upon taking up the program, it is expected that learners will gain helpful insights into successful living, self-efficacy and personal productivity in personal life and career roles.

Course Content

Purpose, Success, Greatness & Happiness

  • Purposeful Living, Purposeful Business
  • Why Purposeful Living?
  • How To Live Purposefully
  • Finding Purpose – The 3XP
  • Purpose and Career/Business

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  • Videos
  • PDF notes


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  • Professionals and Entrepreneurs that want to improve their career and business productivity through excellent self-knowledge.

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